Pet Sitting

Don’t Worry About Your Furry Friend

Everyone needs to take a vacation every now and then. Depending on your career, you may even have to leave town for business. Whatever the case may be where you need to head out of town or have a long day away from home, don’t let the worry of your pet hold you back. Deborah’s is more than just a cleaning service; we offer pet sitting services so while you’re away, you can be sure your pet is safe and happy right at home. 

We will tailor a schedule to fit your needs. We normally offer the following pet sitting services:
* Feeding * Walking * Taking your pet outdoors to go to the bathroom and clean up after him or her * Exercising

For those who have a long day at the office, have a busy schedule that isn’t consistent or need to head out of town for whatever reason, Deborah’s Cleaning Service can help. We can provide you with the pet sitting services you need to ensure your pet gets the attention, fresh air and care he or she needs!

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