Cleaning Tips

Keep It Clean On Your Own

Even though you can count on us for regular house cleaning and office cleaning, you should always strive to keep your space as clean as possible between our professional cleanings. 

In order to keep your home and/or office looking organized, clutter-free and fresh all of the time, try out some of these tips and tricks.

Cleaning Tips & Tricks: 
  • Go through your mail at least once every week, sort it, and file it appropriately instead of collecting piles of mail. 
  • Pick up toys, games, etc. and put them in their respective places.
  • Remove magazines and newspapers after reading them and move them to a recycling bin 
  • Toss spoiled food from your refrigerator regularly
  • Empty your garbage at least twice a week
  • Run your dishwasher when it's full 
In Between Professional Cleanings:
  • Pick up loose debris by sweeping or dry mopping floors
  • Clean up any sticky spills to avoid odors and sticky surfaces
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